At Pedal Inn we love San Francisco and showing you the best possible time.  As a small company run by it's founders  (along with some talented friends), we're able to offer intimate, small-group experiences that highlight the best of San Francisco's unique food, nature, art, and neighborhoods by bike.  We don't adhere to any formulas or compromise on the details.  Rather, we focus on giving you the full local experience with extra-special hospitality, one tour and bike rental at a time.  We can't wait to show you around!


Pedal Inn got its start in 2012 as a successful Kickstarter project to write a gourmet bike camping cookbook.  The sold out first edition of our cookbook highlights 5 of the best Bay Area bike camping destinations and over 30 thematic recipes.  Find a free digital copy of the weekender here.  

With the encouragement of friends and family we began offering bike camping tours in 2014 featuring the same gourmet recipes and destinations found in our cookbook.  Our love for San Francisco led us to develop distinctive day tours in 2015 that show a different side of the city.  We now offer one-of-a-kind day tours led by awesome + talented local guides from our Mission District location in San Francisco.




co-founder + lead tour guide


Nick is the day-to-day force behind Pedal Inn.  Nick has designed all of the current bike adventures in our lineup and leads most of them too.  Nick loves to nerd-out about bikes, SF history, and food, plus all the little details that make for a memorable and extra-hospitable time.

Nick is a California native and longtime SF and Mission resident.  Nick is also a semi-professional photographer and loves sharing photos with all of our tour guests.  In his spare time he is tinkering around with video, gardening, restoring vintage bicycles, and creating memorably-delicous food.  Nick is a graduate of Vassar College and was previously the raddest first grade teacher in the world.

+ Vital Stats +


co-founder + tour guide

Lindy is the creative force behind the Pedal Inn.  She designs our logos, website, and helps to test all the tours.  You'll also probably meet Lindy if you drop by our shop to rent a bike or go on a tour.  Lindy rocks!

Lindy is also a California native and longtime SF resident who loves design and books.   Lindy is a creative director by trade and natural problem solver who specializes in exceedingly awesome branding for local wineries,  top universities, and startups.   In her spare time she love to garden, knit, and read epic novels of all genres.  Lindy is has an MFA from Purdue and previously ran her own branding and design business. 

+ Vital Stats +

"Squirrelly" Joe

chief greeter + king of meow

Squirrley Joe is our beloved shop cat-dog, an exceedingly handsome 9-year-old Maine Coon who looks a lot like a little lion.  He loves to meet new people, snuggle, and take naps in the garden.  Squirrley Joe is a dog lovers cat, though he makes a sport out of antagonizing our neighbor's Irish terrier Murphy. Squirrley Joe was born in Atlanta, Georgia where he was rescued by Lindy.

+ Vital Stats +

  • Sign: Leo
  • Inspiration: birds and moths
  • Favorite Color: anything that moves
  • Favorite Food: seaweed, nori to be exact
  • Favorite Drink: water in his wet food
  • Favorite SF Restaurant: Pedal Inn :)
  • Favorite SF place: the Pedal Inn shop garden
  • Favorite Travel Destination: his scratch lounger 
  • Favorite Bike: his mouse on a wire toy
  • Handed: Ambidextrous, like a boss.



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