China Camp Biking and Camping

28 miles from SF, across GG Bridge
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Perhaps the perfect bike camping destination.  Beauty, history, and proximity. A nice bike ride across the bridge to the start of the popular and serene Paradise Drive loop, but continuing north a few more miles while hugging the Bay.  China Camp, right on the edge of where San Rafel meets the bay, is a classic California landscape, densely packed with oaks and golden brush along gently rolling hills that yield to salt marshes that are a stunning mosaic of oranges, greens, and reds. The hiker-biker is tucked away among the oaks, complete with great fire pits, tables, easily accessibly water, and high-quality showers. Plenty of wildlife too - we saw deer, hawks, squirrels, and even a grand band of turkeys early in the morning!  As a former shrimping village with a large Chinese population, the park houses an interesting museum with several preserved structures, a few boats, and even a sweet old pier.  


Food and Groceries

Andy's Marketthe closest grocery store to China Camp, 3 miles or so away.  It has a large beer and produce selection, plus pretty much everything else you could want, including decent fish.  Nice deli counter that makes sandwiches.  We always stop here on the way to China Camp.   Also notice the comically young staff at checkout.