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San Francisco Bay Area Bike Camping Map

Featuring these awesome destinations Below and many more...

The Bay Area is a bike camping paradise.  You can bike camp year round, on roads and trails, and experience the diversity of the Northern California's natural splendor. There are a bunch of memorable spots that are a comfortable ride from home that you can explore on an overnighter or weekend.  Pack up your pannier, load up you bike, and ride out for an uncommon adventure. See our favorites destinations above.

The Magic of Bike-In Camping

Bike camping lets you escape the business and static of urban life, and lets you reconnect to with the simples pleasures of life.  Pedal away from your doorstep and let the adventure begin!

A place just for us: a hidden gem is the prevalence of hiker-biker campsites in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The camping is almost always plentiful, with no need for reservations (i.e. they won't turn you away if you arrive by bike) and is about the price of a decent pint of beer- $5-8/night.  Awesome.  See the above map pin details above to see which awesome destinations rock hiker-biker sites-- and get out there!

Beyond the Bay Area

Wanna take your adventure further? We've compiled a list of the hike & bike campsites throughout California. If your adventure takes you farther up the coast, check out the google map that charts and reviews the hiker-biker sites of WA, OR, and N. CA from our Pacific Coast tour.  Bike camping, the gateway drug!

Share your Adventure, Inspire Others

Have a bike camping adventure you'd like to share?  We'd love to hear about it, credit you, and publish it to the site as a resource for all to use and enjoy.