Lake Chabot is an oasis nestled in the hills above Castro Valley, on the outskirts of the Oakland Hills.   The eucalyptus trees that populate the park, along with plenty of birdlife, and abundance of clear blue water make for a very tranquil getaway.  

There is a  rambling bike trail with lush scenery that skirts the lake and the campsite is nestled in the towering Eucalyptus groves high above.

Tip: Make sure you book a walk-in tent site at the edge of the campground to avoid the hustle and bustle of the family car camping .  The nicest sites are those closest to the lake.

Getting there:  It makes for a very nice ride along Skyline Drive, if you're up for the climb from Lake Merritt or Downtown Oakland.  You can also very conveniently take BART to the Castro Valley stop and bike the 3 miles to the the park (about 3/4 mi is a steady hill, but quite doable).    Tip: make sure you bring all the food you need as there are no options but to make the descent into the strip malls of Castro Valley.