Cover Design and 1st Piece of the Pedal Inn Cookbook released [free download]



We are excited to announce we have just finished the first piece of our full-length Pedal Inn: the Bike Camping Cookbook.   The first chapter is beautifully laid out, with original photography, and is inspired by the expanses of water that blanket the landscape of the Northwest.  The first chapter's Pacific Northwest menu features hazelnuts, salmon, apricot, blueberry, and red cabbage as the key local ingredients.  Menu highlights include cabbage-wrapped salmon with oranges and ginger, served with coconut rice, as well as a delicious purple slaw with hazelnut, oranges, and coconut milk.  


The cookbook follows the same central ingredient, zero waste philosophy that was introduced in our first bike camping publication, the Pedal Inn Weekender.  The cookbook however, builds upon the weekender by using the campfire as a key cooking medium. We introduce an open flame cooking technique that yield surprisingly delicious results, while minimizing cooking time and making cleanup a breeze.  The cookbook, as you will notice when you read this first piece, will also be filled with helpful hints and information on ingredients and techniques.  


Also included along with the first chapter is a preview of the cover design. (Thanks to Manny Acosta for the cover photo) .  We wanted to go simple yet, refined with the texture of the chipboard to convey what we think would be a great material for the cover.  The dimensions of the final book will be 9"x6" bound together with 2-hole prong fasteners, for easy page access and removal.  We think it will be a convenient format for bike camping and home alike.  

To download the first chapter see the links below:

Pedal Inn Chapter 1 and Cover [Med-Res Download - 9 MB]

Your feedback is really important to us.   Read the chapter and let us know what you think.   Also if you can, give the recipes a try that would be awesome!  We've taken care to craft, test, and replicate the recipes but they're only as good as the results you all get from them.  

thanks and love,
Nick & Lindy